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InstructorMatt Fok
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10 HOT, Over-The-Shoulder, Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

Here they are :

Video #1
What is live streaming ?
And why should you care ?

Video #2
Facebook live best practices

Video #3
The downside of Facebook live

Video #4
How internet marketers can use Facebook live

Video #5
Facebook live for offline business

Video #6
How musicians can use Facebook live

Video #7
Why you should be creative and broadcast often

Video #8
Types of videos that work well on Facebook live

Video #9
How to organize a ” Livenar ”

Video #10
Integrating Facebook live with other social media

Section 1What is live streaming? And why should you care?
Lecture 2
Section 2Facebook Live Best Practices
Lecture 4
Section 3The Downside of Facebook Live
Lecture 6
Section 4How Internet Marketers Can Use Facebook Live
Lecture 8
Section 5Facebook Live for Offline Businesses
Lecture 10
Section 6How Musicians Can Use Facebook Live
Lecture 12
Section 7Why You Should be Creative and Broadcast Often
Lecture 14
Section 8Types of Videos That Work well on Facebook Live
Lecture 16
Section 9How to organize a "Livenar"
Lecture 18
Section 10Integrating Facebook Live With Other Social Media
Lecture 20