Snapchat Marketing Excellence

InstructorMatt Fok
TypeOnline Course
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With The Snapchat Video Training Course You Get 10 Step-by-Step Videos That Will Take You From Getting Started To Getting MASSIVE Traffic With Snapchat!

Section 1Why Snapchat Marketing
Lecture 2
Section 2Getting Your Brand On Snapchat
Lecture 4
Section 3Using Snapchat
Lecture 6
Section 4Introduction to Marketing
Lecture 8
Section 5Discover Snapchat's Partner Program
Lecture 10
Section 6Viewing Statistics
Lecture 12
Section 7Using Snapchat at Live Events
Lecture 14
Section 8Using Snapchat to Deliver Personal Content
Lecture 16
Section 9Aligning Yourself With Niche Influencers on Snapchat
Lecture 18
Section 10Integrating Snapchat With Your Site and Social Media
Lecture 20