YouTube Ads Excellence

InstructorMatt Fok
TypeOnline Course
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The Video Version Of The YouTube Advertising Guide Will Help You :

Get things setup the correctly, so that you can begin seeing results within hours of getting started.

Stay focused and accountable to following through and  seeing results.

Get more traffic and increase your return on investment, putting more profit into your pocket.

Section 1An Introduction to YouTube Advertising
Lecture 2
Section 2Getting Started With YouTube Advertising
Lecture 4
Section 3Getting Started With YouTube Advertising 2
Lecture 6
Section 4Create Your Video Campaign
Lecture 8
Section 5How Video Ads Works
Lecture 10
Section 6Advanced Techniques
Lecture 12
Section 7Advanced Targeting
Lecture 14
Section 8Creating Stunning YouTube Video Ads
Lecture 16
Section 9The Sales Video
Lecture 18
Section 10Conclusion, Tips and Tricks
Lecture 20